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The defense system is arranged in such a way that soon it will start resisting to the reduction of the calorie intake, resulting in a refusal to accept the plan over the course of the following days. Persons deciding to lose weight should be ready to show patience and perseverance for a long time, with the leading role to be played by the mind, not by emotions.

If someone has decided to lose weight, he/she should reduce the energy value of the diet very gradually. The maximal possible reduction of the caloric intake per day is about 10%. During the diet, fatty foods and sweets have to be excluded first, follow by the rest of the products.

During weight loss, the person should eat as often as possible. In order to be saturated, fairly large portions are needed, which the body uses not only for generating power, but also for the deposit of nutrients in the form of fat. Large portions of food make the metabolism work inconstantly, intermittently, which is unacceptable for the weight loss purpose. Meals in small portions 6 times a day lead to the fact that the entire amount of food that enters the body will be consumed for the production of energy and the maintenance of its life. Thus, in case of insufficient caloric intake, the body will consume the nutrients from fat, gradually reducing their volume. Another advantage of frequent meals is the lack of hunger and the fact that they exclude the probability of stomach and intestine diseases.

A diet for weight loss should consist of 80% minimal calorie foods. Eating low-calorie foods allows the body not to feel a constant hunger and to prevent the development of intestine disorders. Certain foods in the diet can be unlimited. Food rich in fibers is especially important in the process of weight loss. These products do not contain many calories and have a benefic action on intestines. Vegetable fibers reduce the extent of carbohydrates and fats absorption, allowing them to enter gradually into the bloodstream.

Easily digested carbohydrates, mainly contained in sweets, belong to the category of nutrients of the fastest degree of absorption and are the most dangerous in the process of weight loss. Carbohydrates intake leads to launching processes of reserves accumulation in the form of fat, which slow down weight loss. The food eaten in diets should have a below 60 glycemic index.

In the process of weight loss it is extremely important for the body to consume adequate amounts of liquid. The optimal daily volume is of 3 liters, taking into account also the water contained in the food. The body uses the water for the reactions in the stored fat; therefore, when dieting for weight loss, it is needed to drink as much as possible. The way of drinking is also important, because during weight loss, the body inhibits the sensation of thirst, which makes it necessary to have conscious control over the amount of fluid intake.

About 80% of the total daily food should be eaten until 6 P.M. At this time, the body actively recycles nutrients into energy, and in the evening it actively accumulates fat. 3 hours before bedtime one should not eat anything but extremely low-calorie foods or special protein shakes. 2 hours before the start of training and 2 hours after its completion, one should also abstain from eating. During a diet for weight loss, all eaten food before training will be spent on energy production in the gym room. After a physical effort, the metabolism is very accelerated, and it is also important not to eat, because in this case, the body must use the fat as a source of energy.

The completion of a diet cycle is as important as its beginning. We must not forget the principles of the body’s defense system, designed to store the nutrients in the form of fat, after a long stressful situation. For reaching satisfactory results one cannot quickly increase the daily calorie quantity. Otherwise, the body immediately begins the production of fat, trying to recover the lost fat tissue. Meal portions should be increased slowly, while constantly monitoring weight. After the end of a diet it is best not to eat sweets, because they contain easily digested carbohydrates that are converted quicker into body fat. After completing the diet, one should follow its basic principles, eating the same products as in the diet.

The effect of the diet is reduced to zero in the event of returning to the old diet that has brought the necessity of reducing weight.

There are plenty of diets designed for a rapid weight loss effect; however, it is not always possible to keep the low weight obtained with so much effort.

Almost all diets follow the same idea: that a person should gradually eat less, and only then, the process of “losing weight” will actually occur. At the same time, many diets are based on the monotonic style of eating. They include either low-carbohydrate products, or products consisting mainly of proteins (often a diet only includes one product).

Some experts in the field of nutrition physiology offer ‘paradoxical’ fat diets. These may include any food fats and proteins without caloric restriction, but carbohydrates are excluded from the diet. Nutrition-oriented, rich in fat, but low-carbohydrate foods, may, of course, result in temporary weight loss. Non-carbohydrate diets cause the disintegration of glycogen storage in the body, resulting in a large amount of wasted water. The loss of weight in fat diets may be even more pronounced than in the diets with reduced fat content, but this reduction by 70% is due to the loss of water and 30% – to its fat reserves.

Hollywood diets are very popular among women. They are used by different celebrities that lose weight very quickly. Below are some of them:

The diet of Jennifer Lopez includes:

  • For breakfast: a glass of water or hot chocolate, apple or orange.
  • For supper: 200 grams of cottage cheese and many fruits.
  • For snacks: dried fruits.
  • For dinner: 200 grams of fish or poultry and 300 g of vegetables.
  • Before going to bed, she can afford a low-fat natural yoghurt.

Jessica Simpson’s diet: its main secret is a balanced diet. The basis of its menu comprises raw vegetables, supplemented by protein cocktails. All that the singer was eating for four months contained very few calories and many proteins, vitamins and fibers.

Rihanna’s diet: The main component of her diet is fish, plus vegetables and fruits. The gaps between meals are about three or four hours.

Jennifer Aniston’s diet: Jennifer does not eat white bread, white sugar, refined oatmeal, white rice and potatoes. In her diet, vegetables, dairy products and drinking gas-free water are the main components of her daily ration.

Also, the actress follows the Zone diet. Its main principle is to break the proteins, fats and carbohydrates into “zones”. Each meal should contain 40 percent of complex carbohydrates, 30 percent of proteins and 30 percent of good fats (polyunsaturated fatty acids).

Kelly Osbourne’s diet: First of all, the star refuses to eat fast food, replacing it with boiled chicken, salads, steamed vegetables and cereals. She follows a diet based mainly on protein foods, with no carbohydrates. She replaces crisps and chocolate with honey, fruit jelly and rice bread. One more trick of the star is not to eat the food of the same color as the plate. It is believed that our appetite increases, and we are ready to eat 20 percent more food if the color of the food matches the color of dishes.

Anne Hathaway’s diet: This diet, also called “anti-inflammatory”, consists of an energy value of 1,500-1,800 calories a day and includes three meals, three snacks and a salad. The meals are eaten every three hours. Ann does not use meat in her diet. It was replaced by grains rich in proteins. In addition, she uses barley, soybeans, whole wheat couscous (instead of rice) and green tea. Snacks are replaced with whole grain pitas with natural peanut butter and yams.

Julia Robert’s diet: The length of the diet is of 28 days. Its main rule is to include salmon meat at a maximum, as this fish contains the highest amount of antioxidants, as well as a large amount of Omega-3 fatty acids, which increase the skin’s elasticity and improve its texture. Salmon is also rich in vitamin D, which stimulates the production of the happiness hormone. Other diet rules are to eat minimum amounts of sweets, fatty foods, and to minimize the amount of alcohol.

Sharon Stone’s diet: It is based on knowing the glycemic index. Foods with a high GI are banned, as they increase the blood’s sugar level. Products with different GI are divided by color.

– “Red” products are the most dangerous foods that should be banned – cereals, rice cakes, white bread, pumpkin, white rice noodles, mashed potatoes, French fries, maple syrup, cakes.

– “Yellow” foods – wheat, oatmeal, rye bread, mango, green seedless grapes, bananas, raisins, papaya, figs, pineapple, baked potatoes, wild rice, ice cream – can be eaten , but in small quantities.

– “Green” products – the basis of most meals – soy, plums, grapefruits, carrots, tomatoes, chili peppers, lettuce, green beans, red pepper, and onion.

In conclusion, there exist very many diets in the world, that are rigorously followed and that give very good results. But in order to lose weight in a healthy way, people should respect the main rules of dieting and eat balanced and diverse foods. “Eat to live, not live to eat” should be the quote of every person that wants to succeed and have a spiritually and culturally rich life.

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